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Barbie Tung 董韵诗


Barbie Tung is an APAC Screen Awards and Hong Kong Film Awards nominated producer and director for acclaimed films within the region. Tung made her first film debut as a production manager in 1982 with To Hell with the Devil and since then has gone on to plan, produce and director of 35 films.


Some notable films under her belt are What a Small World, Drunken Master II, How Deep is Your Love, Rumble in the Bronx, The Myth and Chinese Zodiac 12.


Bruce Law 罗礼贤

Bruce Law is a renowned stunt expert and action director, having been a crucial part of over 200 films, documentaries and television commercials. His career spans over 20 years and is considered the go-to guy for special effects, credited with three nominations in the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Action Direction.


Law founded his company Stunts Unlimited in 1988 and has since grown to encompass specialised (and customised) car models as well as realistic action scenes.


Rita Fung 冯凤珍

Rita Fung is a production manager and produce best known for her work on Kung Fu Hustle, Ultraviolet and The Warlords. Fung first came into the film industry in 1987 as a production manager on A Better Tomorrow II.


Fung is credited on over 36 films, having roles as an actress, planning, a executive producer as well as production manager and producer.


Esther Koo 古玉芬

Esther Koo, a graduate from City University of New York, began her career in 1989 as continuity in Jackie Chan's film Project Eagle 2.  Later she was invited to join production house Win’s Movie. Since her induction, she has been a part of many box office hits such as King of Beggars, From Beijing with love and God of Gambler II.


Later in Koo’s career, she moved on to movie distribution, working with Asian powerhouses including BOB & Partners, Teamwork Production, Applause Pictures, AVEX Asia and Abundance Pictures. Koo is currently the director of her own company, Meridian Entertainment, which sources and finances film projects in Asia.


Shirley Yung  翁秀兰

Shirley Yung’s career dates back to 1992, when she first started as a production assistant on Fight Back to School II, starring Stephen Chow. Throughout the years, she has worked with many of Hong Kong’s veteran actors and actresses in popular films like Swordsman II, Once Upon a Time in China and America, and Beijing Rocks.


Yung has recently won the HAF Award for a Hong Kong Project in which she will co-direct along with Carrie Ng.


Adam Tam 谈智伟

Adam Tam first dived into cinematography in 1986, after completing his studies at University of Central England. Up to date, he has worked with A-list celebrities such as Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen and Maggie Cheung, and has over 18 popular films under his portfolio.


Tam is also known as one of the few who pioneered HD technology in Hong Kong. In 1995, he was elected as the vice president of Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers (HKSC) and later appointed to the board of director’s council as vice chairman of Hong Kong Film Awards. He currently teaches a film professional training programme.


Perry Ho

Perry Ho is a renowned director of photography and ex-producer at Cineray Asia Films. Ho has more than 30 films under his belt, along with numerous commercials – documenting his two decades worth of experience in the industry.


Some of Ho’s notable works in cinematography include Push, PaPa Love You, Thunderbolt and The Adventurers.


Sylvia Liu 刘静仪

Sylvia Liu got into the film industry in 1987 as a project coordinator. A short year after, she rose up the ranks as an assistant director and has since been a part of over 45 popular films, including Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, Kun Fu Hustle, DOA: Dead or Alive, Skyfall, Iron Man III and the 2014 Oscar nominated film, Her.

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