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Yes, of course you can. However, your access is limited to browsing and viewing. As a member, you can upload content, comment and rate other users’ uploads, join and create Groups and Events, and be a part of the growing creative MWeb Community. 

Upon registration, a verification email will be sent to the email account you designated. Copy and paste the link provided into your browser and voila, you’re account is now active.

1.       Be sure that the image you are trying to upload is no bigger than 8MB.

Is this true? Only 8MB? There should be other reasons why a profile image doesn’t get uploaded, such as particular file format?

A Profile Video is a video you have selected out of your many uploads, to be the main feature on your Profile page. If you wish to change the video at any time, simply go to your desired video and click on the Set as Profile Video link. 


What happens if that person doesn’t have a video? Is only a singer/song writer or script writer? Or producer that has way too many features to choose from?

Nope. Therefore, put in some thoughts before you click submit. MWeb offers its usernames based on a first come, first serve basis. When you create an account, your username is permanently logged into our database along with a direct URL to your profile. If you are insistent on changing your username, you can put in a formal request to our support centre for assistance.

Insert email address for support.

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MWeb respects your content and your rights to decide who can access them. From the Privacy Setting tab, you can choose the privacy settings most comfortable for you.


Public: Allows anyone to access your content

Site Members: Only registered members of MWeb can access your content

Friends: Only members that are in your Friends’ list can access your content

Only Me: Your content is only accessible to you

We'll give your four good reasons:

·         Following is an easy way to stay connected to what others are doing on MWeb.

·         When you follow others, you increase your chances of discovering videos you’ll enjoy.

·         Following is a sign of social goodwill — it shows the person you follow that you are a fan of what they do on MWeb.

·         Following makes sharing simpler. The people you follow are the first to show up when you want to share something you find on MWeb.

There’s an Add Friend tab on every MWeb member’s page. Send a request and upon approval, he/she/group will be a part of your Friends’ list.

Head over to the Invite Friends page, add your friend’s email address, write a simple message and we’ll deliver the invite for you. Thanks in advance for the vote of confidence.

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1.       Yes, unless that particular member has blocked you or has a strictly no add filter. To learn more about blocking members, jump to Blocked List.

Link to blocked list

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