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Yes, of course you can. However, your access is limited to browsing and viewing. As a member, you can upload content, comment and rate other users’ uploads, join and create Groups and Events, and be a part of the growing creative MWeb Community. 

Upon registration, a verification email will be sent to the email account you designated. Copy and paste the link provided into your browser and voila, you’re account is now active.

1.       Be sure that the image you are trying to upload is no bigger than 8MB.

Is this true? Only 8MB? There should be other reasons why a profile image doesn’t get uploaded, such as particular file format?

A Profile Video is a video you have selected out of your many uploads, to be the main feature on your Profile page. If you wish to change the video at any time, simply go to your desired video and click on the Set as Profile Video link. 


What happens if that person doesn’t have a video? Is only a singer/song writer or script writer? Or producer that has way too many features to choose from?

Nope. Therefore, put in some thoughts before you click submit. MWeb offers its usernames based on a first come, first serve basis. When you create an account, your username is permanently logged into our database along with a direct URL to your profile. If you are insistent on changing your username, you can put in a formal request to our support centre for assistance.

Insert email address for support.

MWeb respects your content and your rights to decide who can access them. From the Privacy Setting tab, you can choose the privacy settings most comfortable for you.


Public: Allows anyone to access your content

Site Members: Only registered members of MWeb can access your content

Friends: Only members that are in your Friends’ list can access your content

Only Me: Your content is only accessible to you

We'll give your four good reasons:

·         Following is an easy way to stay connected to what others are doing on MWeb.

·         When you follow others, you increase your chances of discovering videos you’ll enjoy.

·         Following is a sign of social goodwill — it shows the person you follow that you are a fan of what they do on MWeb.

·         Following makes sharing simpler. The people you follow are the first to show up when you want to share something you find on MWeb.

There’s an Add Friend tab on every MWeb member’s page. Send a request and upon approval, he/she/group will be a part of your Friends’ list.

Head over to the Invite Friends page, add your friend’s email address, write a simple message and we’ll deliver the invite for you. Thanks in advance for the vote of confidence.

1.       Yes, unless that particular member has blocked you or has a strictly no add filter. To learn more about blocking members, jump to Blocked List.

Link to blocked list

Browse, browse, browse. The Channels page will allow you to find people with likeminded interest as you.

MWeb Channels page enables you to search for content according to your interest. It houses 12 main channels, with each channel breaking down into its own sub-category for easy browsing. If there’s a category you’d think would be a hit for the community, do send us a message

Link to email support. 

You can edit the information of your content anytime you want. From the My Videos/Audio/ … page, hover your cursor over the file you wish update and click on the edit icon. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to change the Title, Description and Channels option. 

On the Group page, click [ + Create ] and follow the instructions. Once you’ve got your Group the way you want it to look, refresh and invite Friends to join your Group.

You can share content, create events, and make announcements.

Yes, you definitely can. 

A Group is a mini-community within MWeb. Channels page is all of MWeb’s members’ content categorised according to upload specifications.

If you are the admin, yes. 

Click on All Groups to browse different Groups created by other MWeb members.

This option allows the Group admin to control when the public and other members of MWeb can access its content. When the group is in this state, only the Group admin can view its content. 

Yes, you can. You can determine the accessibility of your Group in Privacy Settings.

You can only add content and make changes if you are a member of that Group. Certain Groups’ creators may disable members from uploading content. To find out, contact the Group admin.

Yes. MWeb content is shareable on all social media avenues, including email. 

Yes, if it is your album. 

Yes. When creating your album, there is an option to set your album as private to be viewed only by you. If at any time you wish to set the album for public viewing, simple change the Privacy Settings. 

There are two ways you can create an Event:

·         Create New Event – This option allows you to create a new event.


·         Import Event – Import an event from your iCal.ics files or paste an event from an external URL.

Please input the bold red text into the layout.

Yes you can. When you are creating an Event, there is an option you can click if you wish to set the event as private.  If at any time you wish to set the Event for public viewing, you can simply edit the Event information and update the Privacy Settings. 

If you allow your guests to invite other guests, yes. IF you wish to keep your Event within your own circle of friends, you can disable that option.

Sure. MWeb has email invitation available for Events. You can find this under Settings in your Events page. 

Given that it is not pornography, sexual explicit content, graphic or gratuitous violence and content that promotes unlawful acts, extreme or real-life violence, self-harm, cruelty towards animals, political or religious banters.

MWeb has a strict Terms of Use that all members agree to upon registration.


Link to Terms of Use.

Unless you were somehow a part of the production of the series, no you may not. MWeb encourages its members to upload content that they have created and enforces a stringent policy against Copyrights, plagiarism and theft.


If any member violates this code of conduct, their content will be removed and a violation warning will be sent out. 

The maximum upload file size for video is 15MB so please check to see if your video file is not larger than that.


Video files that are supported for uploads are as follows:



In general, the amount of time it takes to upload content on MWeb is outside of our control. We do not limit our members’ upload speeds — we take as much bandwidth as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will allow.



Please check on these two…

If you want your video to be seen by others, it's important to provide plenty of textual information when you upload. Quality descriptive text makes videos easier to find inside of MWeb, and from external search engine. If you take the time to shoot and upload, you should take the time describe your work!

1. Give it a good title.

The title is the shortest description of your video but it's the first thing users will see. Your title should be clear, direct and accurate - don't be misleading.

2. Don't forget to add a description!

There's no point in cramming a bunch of info into a video title - that's what the description is for! Descriptions can give background, explanation, or other context to a video, and make them easier to find as well. Some bits of info to include in your description:

·         What or who is the video about?

·         Who is in the video?

·         Where does the video take place (date, place, event)?

·         Is there a story behind the video?

Tags are simple keywords or other descriptive terms associated with a video. A few pointers on tagging:

·         Separate tags with spaces, for example : Paris vacation restaurant

·         Put tags with more than one word between quotes, for example : "Michael Jackson" together instead of Michael Jackson with just a space between them, or "New York City" instead of New York City

·         Five precise tags are much better than two general tags. For example, a video about a trip in Malaysia, tags such as Malaysia Kuantan Cherating Pen Endurance are better than: Malaysia vacations trips

1.       First, let's review what Copyright is. Any creation, be it an article, a book, a song, a film or...a video, can be only be used, reproduced or distributed if the author/creator gives permission to do so: that is what we call a copyright. The creation belongs to its creator and only he or she can give you the right to use it.

You may have heard the expression "intellectual property". It brings together brand rights, patent rights and copyrights. When you want to upload a video to Mweb, you must first be sure that you have the right of the authors (director, screenwriter, soundtrack composer, etc.) in accordance with the Terms of Use.

Of course, if you are the creator of all the components of the video that you want to upload, there is no problem, so no worries! However if that isn't the case, you must ask for the consent of the creators or the rights-holders (these are the legal beneficiaries: TV or film producers, record labels, TV channels, etc.). Keep in mind that Mweb doesn't know who the legal beneficiary of every individual video is.

There is one thing to keep in mind: Mweb doesn't review the thousands of videos put online every day! We are an Internet host: we stock videos that Internet users want to share on our machines. However, in accordance with the law, we remove videos that are reported to us, especially when it comes to content, copyright or privacy issues.  

Click on the report button to report potentially infringing content next to said content. A pop up message box will appear to facilitate your complaint. 

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