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MWeb is a content sharing platform specifically designed to support the entertainment and talent industries of Malaysia. At MWeb, we believe the sharing of arts and music is the only way to break social prejudice and create unlikely opportunities for those with the passion and drive to realise their dreams of stardom or production.


Within the decade, Malaysia has gone from producing a meagre 10 films per annum to one hundred plus, some even gaining international recognition and distribution. In the music realm, we’ve seen the humble Malay artist enter Chinese vocal competitions as well as Chinese and Indians participating in homegrown talent shows.

Times, they are a’ changing and more than ever before, all faces of Malaysians are uniting with a common goal to lift the artistic communities in-and-outbound the nation.

MWeb is dedicated to the same vision.


If you’re an aspiring writer with a short story in development, share your perspective with us. Whether you’re a fashionista fresh off the runway with a desire to showcase your flair on a short film, share your style with us. Been dabbling in a different format of cinematography and can’t seem to find the perfect location or lighting partnership? Share your reel with us and check out the works of other professionals and amateurs.

The possible combinations are endless. And perhaps, your perfect project buddy or lifelong friend is a search click away.


MWeb, as a committed and neutral partner, will also assist to bring in competitions and events to provide more opportunities within its community.

Join us. Sign up for an account and share your aspiration and inspiration with us. Who knows, maybe it is your one clip, song or story that the whole world will be talking about tomorrow.

After all, never doubt a small group of committed individuals can change the world; they in fact, are the only ones who ever did.


MWeb. Creating unlikely opportunities.

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